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      Memorable Events (2020)


      Propionic Acid Expansion Project won 2019 Sinopec Super Quality Project Award.

      April 29

      Zhang Jinghua, Secretary of CPC Nanjing Municipal Committee, visited the Company.

      May 1

      BASF nominated Eric Wong as the Member of the Board of Directors of the Company.

      May 8

      The 39th BOD meeting was held.

      May 28

      BASF nominated Dr. Birka Benecke as the Supervisor of the Company.

      June 8

      Liu Xiaoming, Vice Minister of Ministry of Transport, visited the Company.


      The Company was awarded as "Excellent Team in Building up New City Center of Jiangbei New Area with High-quality" by the CPC Working Committee of Nanjing Jiangbei New Area and Nanjing Jiangbei New Area Administrative Committee.

      July 29

      Dr. Alexander Traut, General Manager of Oxo, Intermediates and Acrylics Division of the Company, won the 2020 “Jinling Friendship Award”.


      Neopentylglycol Plant Expansion was put into operation.

      September 21

      Zhang Jinghua, Secretary of CPC Nanjing Municipal Committee, met Dr. Stephan Kothrade, President and Chairman of BASF Greater China, and Dr. Uwe Kirchgaessner, President of the Company.

      September 23

      Sinopec nominated Jiang Xiwen as the Supervisor of the Company.

      November 24

      The 40th BOD meeting was held.


      The 20th Anniversary of the Company was held.


      The Company was once again recognized as Green Level Enterprise of Jiangsu by Provincial Environmental Credit Evaluation. In the meantime, it was listed in the first group of Model Enterprises on Environmental Protection in Nanjing.

      December 20

      The Jetty of the Company was recognized as 4-star Jiangsu Green Port.

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